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The Estrada Family

“Unprecedented” was how Gabriel Cortes, director of the Hispanic Education Initiative, described the gift given to Hispanic Ministries at the BGCT through the passing of Leobardo and Isabel Estrada. This term not only refers to the generous amount of the gift, but more importantly, to the impact it will have on the lives of those touched by Hispanic Ministries.

The Estradas created a legacy through their will that, upon their passing, was used to fund an endowment benefiting Hispanic Ministries. An endowment establishes a pool of money that generates a stream of income that never ends.

Since the gift became an endowment, it will provide funding for Hispanic Ministries for generations. A portion of the gift enabled the Hispanic Education Initiative to meet its goal of providing thirty $1,000 scholarships to deserving Hispanic students. These scholarships promote and incentivize young Hispanic students to pursue excellence in their academic work and provide opportunities to reach heights that may have not been achievable otherwise.

By establishing close relationships with those in the Hispanic Ministries area, the Missions Foundation was able to help facilitate the generosity of the Estrada family to help meet needs from the Hispanic Education Initiative and others. The impact of this gift will be seen for years to come, as more and more families learn about the love of Christ through the work of the Hispanic Ministries team. With examples like the Estrada family serving as a model for others, the Missions Foundation strives to expand God’s kingdom through generous disciples.

Like the Estradas, you can make sure your support for TBMF continues forever. To learn more, contact Bill Arnold at 214-828-5173 or

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