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Legacy of Giving Extends to Dees Children

David and Joyce Dees had a lifelong practice of giving back to God with both their time and money. They raised three children, guiding them to the Lord and teaching them the importance of being part of the body of the church and its support. Nothing illustrates this better than their last gift.

David and Joyce both passed away in 2016. In January 2017, the Missions Foundation received a significant check from their estate to be used to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. The couple had divided their estate equally between their three children and Texas Baptists. Along with the check came these testimonies from their children:

“Nothing made them happier than to give of their time, talents and money for the work of the Great Commission. We rejoice in the knowledge of their short separation and reunion in their perfect bodies. May this last gift be of help to you and your wonderful mission.” —Larry Dees

“From the time we were young, my parents taught us through actions and words that God wants us to tithe. Not only did they tithe, but we were led by example to give more than was required and then it truly was a gift. I remember at Christmas, they set aside the amount they would spend on our gifts, then that amount was divided by four…a fourth for each of us three children and a fourth for Lottie Moon offering. It did not surprise us that, even in death, they wanted to give back equally to the Lord and we know that their gift will be used to His glory.” —Joy Jackson

“From the earliest times, I remember my parents’ main goal in life was to share the Good News with others so that they might be saved and know the love of Jesus Christ, our Savior.” —Judy Steele

This generous gift from the Dees family will continue the work they started, giving of their time, talents and money for the work of the Great Commission.

You can give to Texas Baptists to support the Great Commission for years to come. Contact Bill Arnold at 214-828-5173 or to get started.

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