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Richard and Carolyn Robertson

Extending a Legacy of Service to the Lord

Richard and Carolyn Robertson

Carolyn Robertson, shown with her late husband, Richard, is furthering a legacy they started together. The Robertsons have provided for the future of Texas Baptist Missions through a living trust.

Richard and Carolyn Robertson have spent their lives serving the Lord through their local church and through their involvement in missions all over the world. They met at River Oaks Baptist Church in Houston, where Richard worked for an airline and Carolyn for an oil company. Richard was a choir member and deacon chair while Carolyn worked in the library. Their involvement in the church led to their involvement in missions outside the church. This gave them a vision for what the Lord wanted to do through the two of them, not only while they were alive but after they have gone to heaven.

Carolyn says this about their first mission trip: "We went to Santiago, Chile, and my first visit was with a lady who was in a wheelchair—not a good wheelchair, but a wooden straight back chair with roller skates nailed to the legs. The woman accepted Christ during our visit, but, while I was a part of helping introduce her to Jesus, I also wanted to do something about her chair. When I got back to Houston, I told the story of this lady and someone in the church had a wheelchair that I could send to this lady. Because Richard worked for an airline, it was easy for me to travel, so I took the chair to her myself. Seeing the expression on her face did more for me than for her! We were hooked on missions and, because our schedules permitted, we went on trips whenever we could."

While the Robertson family gives generously to missions now, they also understand that the need for mission support will go on for generations. Years ago, they began to set aside funds in the form of a living trust that would not only take care of them in retirement, but support mission work through the Missions Foundation after they are gone. "Richard worked as hard at growing our mission fund as he did at being an airline employee," Carolyn says.

Richard passed away in June, but Carolyn is continuing to work with the Missions Foundation to make sure that their plan will provide for their church and for mission needs around the world.

Use Your Will for Good

Follow Richard and Carolyn Robertson's example and help spread the Gospel beyond your lifetime. Contact Bill Arnold at 214-828-5173 or to learn how a gift in your will or trust to the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation (TBMF) can make a difference in Texas and beyond.

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