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Donor Stories

Loaves and Fishes—The Power of Every Gift

Frank Denton

Inspired by the Bible story of Jesus multiplying the bread and fish to feed thousands, Frank Denton began an initiative during his lifetime called the Loaves and Fishes Fund. It emphasizes the power of seemingly small gifts to start new churches throughout Texas. Read More

John and Bernadette Haschke

John and Bernadette Haschke

The far-reaching impact of John and Bernie Haschke’s gift will touch not only the lives of college students in Texas, but those from all around the world. Read More

Supporter's Dedication to Ministry Inspires Everlasting Gift

Dr. Robert H. Pinder

Because of Dr. Robert H. Pinder's generosity and creativity in giving, the Baptist Student Ministry at Texas Tech will have the ability to impact college students for generations to come. Read More

The Estrada Family

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The impact of Leobardo and Isabel Estrada’s “unprecedented” gift is one that will be felt for generations to come. Read More

The Dees Family

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David and Joyce Dees taught their three children the importance of giving. After they passed, the couple’s children applauded their support of Texas Baptists. Read More

Richard and Carolyn Robertson

Richard and Carolyn Robertson

"Richard worked as hard at growing our mission fund as he did at being an airline employee," says Carolyn Robertson of her late husband. Read More

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